• Racial Harmony

    Center for Racial Harmony

    207 North 2nd Street

    Belleville, Illinois 62220

    Phone: (618) 234-0508

    Fax: (618) 310-3176

    E-mail:  centerforracialharmony@yahoo.com

    Web Site:  http://centerforracialharmony.org

    Facebook:  Facebook.com/centerforracialharmony

    Racial Harmony is a member of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

    Racial Harmony is a third-party neutral not-for-profit 501 (C)(3) community organization.  It is dedicated to making a difference through mediation, teaching, training and cooperative learning. 


    We facilitate a peer orchestrated program designed to develop positive attitudes among youth, while building self esteem; team building and conversational skills; and developing problem solving abilities.


    Racial Harmony is a third-party neutral organization dedicated to promoting understanding, cooperation and communication among all races and ethnic groups.


    To communicate effectively the meaning and benefits of ethnic and racial harmony.

    To promote and initiate strategies for increasing racial and ethnic understanding.