• New Students to District


    The following instructions will guide you through the registration process.

    New Students to the District must:

    1. Contact the OTHS Smiley Campus at 618-632-3507 to schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor for course selection. View Required Guidance Meeting link under the Contents section for more information.
    2. Complete Registration Forms listed under step two.
    3. Review items listed under Optional Forms/Information and complete any necessary forms.
    4. Provide proof of 8th grade graduation if they are an incoming freshman (final report card showing promotion, diploma, or a letter from the school stating the student was promoted).
    5. Provide an unofficial transcript if they are a sophomore, junior or senior.  If unable to attain one from previous school, please come to the OTHS Main Office prior to registration, and complete a form to request records from previous school.
    6. Provide a copy of the student's state issued birth certificate.
    7. Provide copies of proofs of residency - these copies will not be returned.  One copy of documentation from both Column A and Column B are required (see chart below).
    8. Attend one of the open registration dates with a parent/guardian to, pay fees, take ID pictures, and yearbook pictures, etc. 

    Proof of Residency Options

                                      COLUMN A

                                 COLUMN B

    Current lease or mortgage

    Current utility bill (water, gas, phone)

    Current homeowners/rental insurance statement


    Current property tax receipt/bill


    *Falsifying residency information for the purpose of a child attending school in a district is a Class C misdemeanor. Scheduled students found to be living outside of the district will be dropped.

    • If you plan on using a lease to register your student, please make sure the lease reflects that you are a resident during the entire upcoming school year.
    • If you have a "rollover" lease, your landlord must provide, on legal letterhead, a typed, signed letter confirming your residence for the upcoming school year.  Landlords should include their name and current phone number.


    Tuesday, July 23rd & Wednesday, 24th (12:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.)

    Location: Smiley Campus Cafeteria

    If you have any questions, please contact
    the Main Office at 618-632-3507.