• OTHS, and O'Fallon, is an absolutely incredible community.  The amount of outreach that we have received the past several days has been phenomenal.  It should be no surprise, but somehow, we have all been taken back by the overwhelming support.  We still don't have all the answers, but we do know that we will have students and families in need during these difficult circumstances.  It is great that we are in a position with our already amazing staff and philanthropies, that no new programs will need to be created to take care of those families.  Between our food service company providing meals, our OTHS Family for Families Fund and our OTHS Feed the Future Campaign, we will be able to make certain that each OTHS family with food insecurities, will get the assistance they need.
    So many have asked "What do you need?".  We are asking that if you feel comfortable donating items for our weekend bags, you do so.  We have provided a document (on the Feed the Future page)  that has a list of items we use in our bags for our students.  We do not want to ask for monetary donations at this point, due to the fact we aren't sure how much good that will do us with store shelves so bare.  Hopefully the panic ceases a bit in the coming weeks and we will be in a position to restock.  
    We are providing you with a couple different resources at the bottom of this email so that if you would like to share information with your friends, families or other local community members, you are able.  We do want to make sure that your family is taken care of first, so please do not feel like you have to do anything if it will put your own family at risk.
    Lastly, we believe that in times like this, it is equally as important to focus on some positive things.  Take a look around, be thankful for what you have.  Hug those closest to you and never let an opportunity to tell them you love them slip away.  Appreciate that you will be able to make memories with your closest loved ones in the coming weeks that otherwise might not have happened.  In a world of uncertainty, it might be easier to focus on the chaos, but instead, choose to find the good.  YOU MY FRIENDS, ARE THE GOOD.
    Will have a running list of restaurants in the area offering free meals.  
    Will have information on students getting technology devices as needed during this time away from school.  
    Share with the community if you would like.  We will keep that updated with needs and volunteer opportunities if needed.