• Student Study Resources


    Studying and Learning – College Info Geek


    This website provides entertaining videos and articles that offer effective tips, techniques, and strategies for studying, test taking, homework, research, writing essays, and reading.

    Khan Academy


    Khan Academy has a variety of learning opportunities in science, math, history, English, and more. This is also a great resource to get a head start on SAT preparations!

    What it offers: Individualized lessons with audio and video; Step- by- step instruction on "how to" perform a certain skill; SAT practice - link to College Board for individualized practice based of off your practice test!

    HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU NEED- Click “Courses” tab at the top left of page.



    This website is another resource that provides assistance in a wide range of subject areas--math, science, social studies, English, etc.

    Math Planet


    Still confused about what you're doing in math class?? This website provides mini lessons and short videos that help to explain concepts and break problems down step-by-step.

    Kuta Software



    Using this website, you can practice math problems, skills, and concepts covered so far this semester. Each learning segment will provide you with two pages of practice and the ANSWER KEYS to check your work. *Use Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 under the "FREE WORKSHEETS" tab.

    Chomp Chomp - Grammar Exercises



    This site can help with sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation (commas, semi-colons, etc.)

    Go Conqr


    Use this site to...

    • make a Mind Mapon the plot of a literature book you are reading.
    • create a Quizon a lesson.
    • build a set of Flashcardson the vocabulary in a subject or language.
    • produce a Courseon a chapter in a history, science, or English class.
    • design a Slide Setoutlining a process or historic event in a chosen subject.
    • create a Flow Chartoutlining the sequence of a topic or development of a story.



    Create your own flashcards or use a set created by someone else!



    Create your own flashcard sets and use them to test yourself with games and other study tools. Find and use sets created by others, too!



    Similar to Quizlet! Create your own flashcard sets and use them to test yourself with games and other study tools. Find and use sets created by others, too! Provides extra entertainment with goofy memes.



    Create a learning game or quiz yourself and others in a little friendly competition with games that are already created!

    Other Study Ideas

    • Annotate/highlight reading and notes
    • Create graphic organizers (tables, charts, graphs, Venn diagrams, timelines, etc.)
    • Create flash cards
    • Create formula cards for math
    • Write out steps to solving a problem
    • Do practice problems
    • Visit your class Blackboard page for notes, extra practice, videos, etc.
    • Create a study guide
    • Create a study/work schedule for a quiz, test, or project
    • Read aloud
    • JUST READ!