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AP/Dual Credit/Running Start


O'Fallon Township High School students have the opportunity to earn dual credit in a variety of courses through St. Louis University and Southwestern Illinois College. Students must carry a recommended cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater (refer to curriculum guide for specific requirements per course), have written endorsement from the principal, counselor, or school designee, and have teacher approval for each course. Students must complete the registration paperwork (SWIC and SLU), meet the minimum testing requirements (SWIC), apply for an ID (SWIC), and pay tuition by the deadline (SLU) to be eligible to earn dual credit. Information on Dual Credit Courses is available from the OTHS Curriculum Guide, School Counselors and/or instructors of the dual credit courses.

For a complete listing of SWIC and SLU dual credit courses, CLICK HERE

  • SWIC Dual Credit Informational Presentation: CLICK HERE
  • Transfer my SWIC credits: CLICK HERE
  • Click HERE to access the OTHS Guidance Department SLU 1818 Webpage 
  • SLU 1818 Advanced College Credit Informational Presentation: CLICK HERE
  • SLU 1818 Advanced College Credit Website: CLICK HERE
  • Transfer my SLU 1818 credits: CLICK HERE


Students have the opportunity to potentially earn college credit by enrolling in the Advanced Placement® (AP®) Courses offered at OTHS. Students must meet academic criteria to enroll and are responsible for any fees associated with the class and exam. Earning college credit is contingent upon a student’s score earned on the optional AP® Exam and the credit the higher education institution awards for the scores earned. Colleges and Universities have varying practices for the awarding of credit for AP® Coursework. Students are advised to research this information for the schools they may wish to attend. Information on AP® Coursework is available from the guidance counselors and/or instructors of the AP® Classes. 

Parents can sign a parent override form to have his/her student placed in an AP® class. The student must remain in the class until the end of the semester for which the override form has been signed. Contact the guidance department for additional information. 

  • Advanced Placement Informational Presentation: CLICK HERE


OTHS offers a dual enrollment program, Running Start, with Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) for a maximum of 20 students per grade level.

Eligible students must meet all qualifying criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.7 and a B or higher in Honors Geometry
  • Attend OTHS during the second semester of their sophomore year
  • Selected during their sophomore year for enrollment in the program, their junior and senior year

If there are more than 20 students that apply, students will be ranked by weighted GPA with the top 20 students being selected. Students participating in this program can be required to return to OTHS when deemed appropriate. Participating students must understand they may encounter conflicts with athletics/extracurriculars and will not receive the same level of OTHS communication/resources as students that attend classes at OTHS. Running Start Students are able to earn an associate’s degree by attending and completing all required courses at SWIC. Graduation requirements for both institutions do vary and both must be met to earn a diploma from both institutions.

*The Running Start Permission and Release of Information Form is due in the OTHS Guidance Office no later than Wednesday, February 8th at 3:00 p.m. Qualifying students who have attended the required informational virtual session with SWIC may pick up a blank form inside guidance or print from the link below. 

2023-24 SWIC Running Start Tuition:

  • $4,318 - Full year tuition
  • July 1st - Due date for 1st installment of 1/2 of the tuition balance ($2,519)
  • December 1st - Due date for the remaining tuition balance

OTHS Director of Guidance- AP/Dual Credit Point of Contact

Tiffany Lugge - - 618-632-3507 Ext 5369

OTHS School Counselor/Running Start Coordinator -

Tracey Ritzel - - 618-632-3507 Ext. 5238