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Academic Assistance Center

The Academic Assistance Center is here to support you in any way we can!

We encourage you to keep in close contact with your classroom teachers as they are the experts in their fields and the concepts covered in their classes. They also are most familiar with the expectations you will need to meet to succeed in your classes and grow in your learning! Please don't hesitate to ask them questions in class or via email or set up an appointment before/after school or during a free period. They are the absolute best resources and are here to help you!

After you have reached out to your teachers but find that you still would benefit from additional assistance, we have options at both campuses to support you through the Academic Assistance Center!

Welcome to the AAC!


AAC Advisory Hours: By Recommendation Only

  • 4A 10:30-10:55am
  • 4B 11:00-11:25am
  • 5B 12:00- 12:25pm

AAC After-School Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 2:35pm-3:30pm
  • Room 1508
  • Transportation You MUST sign up below to be added to the late bus route (leaves campus at 3:40pm)  
    • Sign up is required (Thursday at noon) to take the provided transportation home starting the following Monday and the remainder of the semester.
  • Sign-up required for new attendees (once per semester)

Instructors: Mr. Jack Brannan & Mrs. Marcie Dobbs

Questions about this support? Please contact 


AAC Advisory Hours: By Recommendation Only

  • 3A 10:00-10:25am
  • 4A 11:00-11:25am
  • 4B 11:30-11:55am
  • 5A 12:00-12:25pm
  • 5B 12:30-12:55pm

AAC After-School Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 2:55-3:55pm
  • Room 410
  • Walk-ins welcome!
  • Need transportation home? - You MUST sign up below to be added to the late bus route (leaves campus at 4:00pm)
    • Sign-up required by Friday at 1:30pm to be added to the bus route starting the following week and continuing for the remainder of the semester
    • Sign up here! Smiley AAC After-School Sign-Up

Instructors: Ms. Beth Schroeder & Mrs. Briana Bostick 

Questions about this support? Please contact 


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