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OTHS Junior-Senior Prom 2024 - "Diamonds are Forever"

May 11, 2024
The Regency Conference Center
O’Fallon, IL


After Prom Party

St. Clair Bowling Alley


Ticket Information: (330 Tickets Still Available - 4/18/24)

Tickets are $55 each and sales will be capped at 1000 attendees. Currently enrolled OTHS Juniors and Seniors in good standing who do not owe school fees may make one reservation for themselves online plus one reservation for a guest. Secured online ticket sales will be available this year. Students can pay with a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or ACH Bank. Any student who owes the school fees, is on homebound, or has lost extracurricular privileges will not be able to make a reservation, nor attend.

Ticket Sales Page:

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Prom Planning

OTHS strives to create a memorable and safe experience for our students attending the prom. We are already making changes for future proms to improve the experience for our students.

Planning for each prom occurs 18+ months prior to the actual event as venues must be booked well in advance to guarantee availability.


Prom 2024 will be held at The Regency Conference Center in O’Fallon on May 11, 2024. Their in-house catering company will provide dessert and beverage service. Seniors will be given the chance to select dessert options via a survey in Fall 2023.


OTHS hosts one of the largest proms in the St. Louis area with nearly 1000 attendees. The Gateway Center is not available in 2024. Planning an event for that many students limits what venues are viable due to the large amount of space required to accommodate 1000 students. OTHS will continue to consider venues that can safely, affordably, and comfortably accommodate our students for future proms.  For Prom 2024, the capacity of the Regency Conference Center is 1000 with no tables.  OTHS will be considering options to address possible overcrowding.



Despite rising costs and OTHS doubling the contribution from $5 to $10 from each ticket sold to the After Prom Party starting in 2022, ticket prices have actually decreased. From 2011-2019, tickets cost $60-$65. 2023 OTHS ticket prices ($55) are in line with prom ticket prices at other high schools in the metro east. Plus, an OTHS prom ticket includes not only the After Prom Party but also an off-site prom venue giving students a more upscale atmosphere than if the prom was offered on campus which sets us apart from many other schools. 


A breakdown of the ticket cost is as follows: $30 for off-site venue rental and catering, $10 for After Prom, and $15 for photography services, DJ, decorations, and deposit funds for the following year's event. If the OTHS prom was held on campus the price would likely be $25 including the After Prom ($15 for the dance and $10 for the After Prom). This price structure mirrors the Homecoming Dance held at OTHS where tickets cost $15 in 2022. 



All music and sound services will be provided by a single company for Prom 2024 with backup equipment on site as a failsafe.


As for security, OTHS will partner with the OPD to ensure a safe event for our students at the Regency Center in O’Fallon.


Student surveys reveal that photo opportunities are a high priority for attendees. OTHS will continue to provide a 360 Photo Booth and roaming photographers as well as multiple photo backdrops for students to enjoy at next year’s prom. 


Student Input

Seniors will be given multiple opportunities to share opinions and preferences through online surveys leading up to prom. OTHS will continue to value what students want and plan accordingly.