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    Welcome to the first ever OTHS Duck Derby! 

    You will be assigned a number that coincides with a number on the bottom of a duck.  Those ducks will be dropped into a pool (Thank you YMCA of O'Fallon) and raced across to a finish line.  The first 5 ducks that cross the finish line will be awarded cash prizes for the contest.  You do not need to be present to win. 

    Cash Prizes will be determined once the number of entries is established.

    Ticket Sales Close May 1st, 2022.


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    Digital Media Club:  The OTHS Digital Media Club's mission is to teach, inform and prepare students for a digital world.  In this club, students will learn the about a multitude of digital media platforms and how to efficiently navigate each one with ease and effectiveness.  We want our members to be able to have the tools to feel comfortable and effectively use platforms to better their own lives and the lives around them.  Items that will be covered on a year-to-year basis include, but are not limited to: photo and video editing, graphic design, social media presence, web page design, app development, digital and electronic current events, and digital and electronic troubleshooting.  We have guest speakers from different local businesses and professions come speak to our club about what it takes to be on top of the digital world.

    Another aspect of the Digital Media Club will be the opportunity to build and design real world projects for customers.  The members of the DMC will design, create and print posters, signs, t shirts, and other graphic design elements for customers.  This will help teach them how to successfully manage and navigate a business in the digital media profession.  Mr. Cox is the (coxd@oths.us) is the sponsor for this club.


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