• E-Mail from 9/26/22

    We invite you and your family to OTHS Connects Night on Thursday, September 29th from 6pm-8pm at the OTHS Smiley Campus. OTHS Connects is designed for all students and families grades 9-12 and will include an academic and activity fair, parent breakout sessions, student demonstrations, and more! Please see the detailed schedule and list of available breakout sessions below:

    Breakout Sessions Available:

    • Grade-Level Presentations: OTHS School Guidance Counselors will present on topics and programming appropriate for specific grade levels. 
    • NCAA Planning: Our athletic department will present on CoreCourseGPA and how this program can help determine NCAA eligibility for our OTHS athletes. 
    • Paths to College Credit - AP/Dual Credit: OTHS School Counselors will present three specific programs that OTHS offers students that allow them to gain college credit while enrolled in high school coursework at OTHS. 
    • Senior Financial Aid: A St. Louis University Student Financial Services representative will host a Senior Financial Aid presentation including an overview of the entire financial aid process as well as information on completing the FAFSA.   
    • Sleep and Screen Time: We will review resources and activities related to the OTHS Sleep and Screen Time Initiative that has taken place throughout the month of September. 
    • Social Work Services and Roundtable: Meet your OTHS Social Workers! During our roundtable discussion, you will learn what services and support our department can offer to your student and family, as well as ask questions that you may specifically have regarding mental health, social-emotional trends, and many other topics. 

    Detailed Schedule:


    • Academic and Activity Fair in South Gym
    • Food sampling from Chartwells in cafeteria and main parking lot
    • Music Department Performance

    6:00pm-6:30pm: Breakout Session 1

    • 10th Grade Parent and Student Grade-Level Presentation
    • Senior Financial Aid
    • Paths to College Credit - AP/Dual Credit
    • NCAA Planning
    • Social Work Services and Roundtable

    6:45pm-7:15pm: Breakout Session 2

    • 9th Grade Parent and Student Grade-Level Presentation
    • 11th Grade Parent and Student Grade-Level Presentation
    • Senior Financial Aid
    • Paths to College Credit - AP/Dual Credit
    • Social Work Services and Roundtable

    7:30pm-8:00pm: Breakout Session 3

    • 12th Grade Parent and Student Grade-Level Presentation
    • NCAA Planning
    • Sleep and Screen Time Initiative
    • Social Work Services and Roundtable

    We look forward to seeing you on the 29th

  • Email 9/19/22

    OTHS Students, Families, and Employees:

    OTHS continues to prioritize safety on campus and during events.  OTHS school leaders have aligned its event attendance policy with those of other area high schools in an effort to maintain a safe environment and an enjoyable spectator experience during on-campus activities.   The following event attendance policy will be in effect at OTHS beginning on Friday, September 23, 2022:

    O’Fallon Township High School

    Event Attendance Policy

    General Rules

    1. Only students from OTHS and the opposing school are allowed to attend the games/events by themselves with a Student ID.  Students are to watch the games/events from their respective school’s side or designated location.

    2. All attendees should be prepared to show IDs to school/security personnel.

    3. Students from non-participating schools will be admitted with a parent/guardian.  They will not be admitted by themselves.

    4. Jr. High/Middle School/elementary students will only be admitted with a parent/guardian, and must remain in the company of that parent/guardian throughout the event.

    5. Backpacks and bags are strictly prohibited.  Any necessary bags are subject to search by school/security personnel.


    1. Once in the stadium/gymnasium, please find a seat.

    2. If you leave the game/event there is no re-entry.

    3. Make sure to follow the directions of all staff and security at the game.

    4. Please have your rides here at the end of the games/events, call them and let them know when the game/event is nearing the end.

    Any individual misbehaving at an event may be ejected from the event, and may be prohibited from attending future events pursuant to Board Policy.

  • E-Mail Sent on 9/6/22

    OTHS Students and Families,

    The school year is off to a great start.  I have a few exciting items to share with you.


    I wanted to personally invite all of our students and families to the OTHS virtual open house.  You can access the open house through the following link:  https://www.oths.us/openhouse

    Please take the time to view the information provided.  As always, if you would like to reach out directly to your student’s teachers for specific questions you may have about any class, please don’t hesitate to do so.  The staff directory is available on the OTHS web site and all of us at OTHS welcome conversations with our families.  We are here to assist your student in their journey through high school.


    This year OTHS has implemented the “Here Comes the Bus” app which will allow our families to locate busses that are in route.  If you are interested in accessing this feature, please visit our bus information page at https://www.oths.us/domain/34 and follow the directions provided under the Here Comes the Bus link to create an account.


    OTHS is excited to be hosting the CONNECTS student/parent night on Thursday, September 29th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the Smiley Campus.   This event will provide students the opportunity to explore extracurricular offerings and will provide parents the opportunity to attend break-out sessions on a variety of informational topics. 

    CONNECTS is an important event and we encourage all of our families to participate.  Research indicates that students who are connected to their school through extracurricular participation achieve higher academic outcomes.  We want our students to be involved in the great opportunities available at OTHS and to have a meaningful high school experience.

    As always, the faculty and staff of OTHS are excited to serve our students and families.  Please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns.

    Dr. Benway

  • E-Mail from Dr. Benway - 8/9/22

    OTHS Students, Parents, and Guardians:

    Welcome to OTHS!  I hope you enjoyed the summer break and are ready for a great 2022-2023 school year. This email contains important information and links for your reference as we partner together to maximize opportunities for OTHS students.  

    Just a reminder: School starts for OTHS students this Thursday, August 11th

    If a student is not yet registered, please complete online registration today to avoid any delay to the student's start of school.  The link to the registration page on the OTHS website is https://www.oths.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=155.


    To help you stay informed, the OTHS website (www.oths.us) will always have information and announcements about events and happenings at school.   You can also follow OTHS on both Facebook and Twitter. 

    Facebook:  OTHS – O’Fallon Township High School District 203 (@OTHSDistrict203)

    Twitter: OTHS District 203 (@OTHSDistrict203)


    You can follow your student’s academic progress through our Skyward portal: https://skyward.oths.k12.il.us/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsEAplus/seplog01.w   If you need assistance logging into the system, please contact our technology department at ComputerDepartment@oths.us or (618) 632-3507 x5390 for assistance.  It is important to recognize that the involvement of parents/guardians in their student's journey through high school is an important factor in the student's achievement of successful outcomes.  


    OTHS continues its efforts on school safety.  We have been diligent in updating and addressing safety practices to be proactive in our approach to preparedness.  In addition, we have made renovations to the physical school buildings and have increased security staff in an effort to improve school safety.  The safety of those in our care is the top priority for OTHS.


    All school lunch lines will be open this school year.  School lunches are available to students for $3.05.  Reduced or free student lunches are available for those who qualify.  Breakfast and lunch menus can be found at: https://oths.nutrislice.com/menus-eula



    Again, we look forward to partnering with you to ensure each student has every opportunity to reach his/her highest potential in academic achievement and in personal development.  Together, we share in the responsibility for his/her success.  We are fortunate to live in a community that values and encourages education, where families are invested in their students.  We all must continue to do our very best to guide, support, encourage, and inspire students as they continue their journey toward adulthood.  In the educational partnership, your parental influence and involvement are very important, especially during the high school years, and we are grateful for the family support we receive.  We ask for your continued involvement in your student’s efforts to reach excellence in academic achievement and personal growth by encouraging your student:

    • to attend school daily and arrive on time, ready for the day’s educational experiences
    • to complete all homework and study assignments, and to participate in classroom discussions
    • to get involved in extracurricular opportunities and to be a part of the OTHS community
    • to share school and life experiences with you so that you are aware of any challenges that may arise
    • to inform you, a teacher, or administrator if he/she needs additional support in any area or in any academic subject
    • to inform an adult if he/she has any concerns regarding school safety --- SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING

    I am excited for the 2022-2023 school year and am honored to have the privilege of being a part of the excellence in education provided to OTHS students.  

    Have a great year!

    Dr. Darcy G. Benway, OTHS Superintendent