2nd Place High School Competition 2018
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    We are now on summer schedule!!!  You may attend Archery sessions on Tuesday nights.  OTHS Coach Karrigan and JOAD HS Coaches will be present for "high school summer evenings."  Summer program is through JOAD HS, not associated with OTHS Archery until fall semester begins.  Range fee and time are the same times as our regular school schedule.  Please always check weather conditions for this 8.5 miles, 26 minute travel time.  Allow plenty of time for traffic and stops.  Remember your $5 range fee!  From 6 to 7:30pm. 


    Please check weather and online traffic reports when traveling to Archery Club tournaments and meeting/session.  Please use caution and knowledge when deciding to attend.  Our commute to Town Hall Archery is 8.5 miles, 26 minutes.  Please allow yourself plenty of time.  Take in to account traffic and stops.  Do not take risks and allow yourself to be in harms way.


    Meetings:  Every Tuesday of the school semester, depending on holidays, tests, finals, snow days and WEATHER!  If school is cancelled that Monday evening or Tuesday day, Archery session will also be cancelled for that evening as well! 




     The purpose of Archery Club  - at O’Fallon Township High School is to promote student archers, the growth of the sport, introduction and participation within the sport, within the high school and throughout the community of O’Fallon. The club will have recreational and competitive sessions. This sport will teach the members more about the sport of archery both recreationally and competitively. Overall, this sport is meant for students to enjoy the sport of archery and represent the high school and community of O’Fallon throughout the state of Illinois.


    Nearly everyone can succeed at Archery!

    Nearly everyone can succeed of at Archery, regardless of age, size, or physical ability.

    Archery program encourages physical activity, in a controlled indoor environment and outside range.  Excellent after-school activity.  Archery gives the opportunity for anyone to compete as an individual and as part of a team.

    Archery increases Self-confidence, camaraderie, personal satisfaction, self-esteem, focus, discipline, confidence, patience, competitive spirit and dedication all are byproducts of the teamwork and tenacity required. 


    As we get comfortable and relaxed with our Archery Sessions we need to keep in mind!

    -Safety is first priority!!!

    -Be considerate and understanding of all fellow archers.  What brings us together is the love of our sport Archery.

    -Arrows are to be pointed down range at all times.

    -DO NOT cross designated starting line until  (adult sponsors/coaches or student club president or vice president) give the all clear.

    -Horseplay will not be tolerated.  Discipline will be dealt with through student handbook.

    -Respect house use of Town Hall Archery equipment and property.

    -Snacks & drinks provided.  Please clean up after yourselves.

    -Return borrowed house bows and arrows.

    -Transportation is premium, please reserve your seat.

    -Please return 3D animals if used, discard used balloon remnants.


    -You may start before or continue after OTHS Archery Club designated club session time, but you will be under the jurisdiction of Town Hall Archery.


    Student President - Elizabeth Stater

    Student Vice President - Gavin Wissehr


    OTHS Sponsor  Mr. Karrigan

    Club Contact Mr. Bartlett