• Art Club

    OTHS Art Club

    What’s Art Club’s Purpose

    •     Art Club is an art social club. The Club gives members the opportunity to experience art throughout the local area as well as the Midwest. Members do not have to be in an art class and are encouraged to invite friends to join the club.
    • Art Club raises money to purchase public art. The club continues to support Thoman Park in O'Fallon by purchasing and installing high quality sculptures as well as monentarily supporting other art opportunities.
    • Art Club monetarily supports various art related ventures such as Art with Heart. The club also reserves the right to nonetarily support other non-profit art and non-art related events*

    Club Opportunities

    • ·Take trips to experience Art
    • ·Board of Directors
    • ·Club photographer
    • ·Club Marketing

    * Decisions to monetarily support activities are determined by a membership at large majority vote.


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