OTHS Bass Fishing Club

    Welcome to OTHS Bass Fishing Club 2021!


    This club has existed since the fall of 2012.


    Students have to be academically eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

    OTHS Bass Fishing Club will have their next fishing and meeting on Monday, November 1st, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.  Destination will be a revisit of Shiloh Three Springs Park, Acker Lake.  Meet the school vehicle at Smiley campus, main front doors.  Please pay attention to the weather!  Bring appropriate clothing.  Bring water and snacks.  



    Please make sure to have membership and parent permission forms signed and membership due paid. 


    ***Please have a fishing license if you are over the age of 16.  Have a hat, bug spray, sunscreen, bottled water, snack. Take fishing poles and tackle with you.  You will need a life jacket too.***


    ·        All safety protocols must be followed (group size limit of 25, social distancing of 3 feet must occur, masks at all times, etc.)


    ***Paper copy of club membership form, parent permission slips and meeting notes available outside room 904 at Smiley Campus. ***

    Paper application outside room 904.  



    Freshmen can take the activity bus from Milburn to Smiley main campus.


     All field trip school transportation meets at Smiley Main campus front doors!

    Student Mission Statement

    "The purpose of the Bass Fishing Club is to build character through team work that improves anglers while having fun."

    Mission Statement - The purpose of the Bass Fishing Club at O’Fallon Township High School is to promote bass fishing within the high school and throughout the community of O’Fallon. The club will have monthly meetings, club outings, and the possibility of making the IHSA state tournament in May, at Carlyle Lake. This club will teach the members more about the sport of bass fishing both recreationally and competitively. Overall, this club is meant for students to enjoy the sport of bass fishing and represent the high school and community of O’Fallon throughout the state of Illinois.

    As we get comfortable and casual with one another in our meetings and field trips we need to keep in mind!




    - Safety First !!!!!  Discipline will be handle through OTHS Student Handbook.

    - Catch and Release, back into water, all fish caught!  

    - Be considerate of fellow anglers.

    - Horseplay and inappropriate conversation will not be tolerated.

    - Be respectful of sponsors, presenters, boats and all fishing equipment.

    - When snacks and drinks are provided. Please clean up after yourselves!

    - What brings us all together is team comradery, sportsmanship and the love of FISHING.

    - Transportation and sponsor's ***volunteer time*** is a premium, please reserve your seat and follow through with your commitment to be present.  Sponsors understand if issues arise, text, email or call if you are unable to attend as soon as possible.  Failure to comply will barr you from the next two consecutive outings!


    Club Sponsor  Mr. Bartlett

    Faculty Volunteer  Mr. Feldmann

    Boat Sponsor  Mr. Huch




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