• Folks - if you were planning to attend the musical tonight, read on! 
    Due to impending weather, administration has asked us to postpone our scheduled show this evening. Tonight’s BnB performance will now take place Sunday, April 2nd at 7 PM.
    All tickets for tonight’s show will still be valid for Sunday, April 2nd at 7 PM.
    Please note that ALL other performances this weekend are SOLD OUT. If you purchased tickets for tonight’s show and cannot attend the Sunday evening reschedule, please email us at othsthespians@gmail with your name AND order number and we will refund your order so that other patrons may purchase those tickets. Your email MUST match the email you used to purchase the tickets. This will in fact release all your tickets and they will be voided upon refund.
    Please note our kids have worked hard for months on this production and we are gutted with the situation but want everyone to be safe. OTHS theatre is completely self-funded and we have never sold out a show before, so tonight was a huge event and celebration of the performing arts for us.
    We encourage you to keep your tickets because the show is just absolutely mind blowing amazing.
    Thank you,
    OTHS Theatre

    Congrats to our Cast and Crew!!!