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    Welcome to Outdoors Club!

     Mission Statement:

    The OTHS Outdoors Club promotes interest in the outdoors by providing opportunities to participate in various outdoor activities and to teach our participants to become stewards of the environment.  These goals shall be achieved through club meetings, outdoor activities and other educational events and service learning projects.


    Horseback Riding, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Canoeing, Hiking, Geocaching, Indoor Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding & Service Learning Projects.


    Regular meetings will start in August, 2019 

    Time and Place to be Determined


    Possible future activities 

    Go Karts, Inline Skating, Cycling, Roller Skating, Remote Control -Cars -Trucks -Drone Racing, Sking, Trampolining, Kendamas, Slackline, Sledding and Zip Lining.


    Meetings are usually every other Thursday of every school month, depending on weather, holidays, tests, fianls and other school activities.


      Student President:  Clara Greenstreet

      Student Vice Pres:  Jenna Grissom

      Student Vice Pres:  Sydney Mcaulliffe

    Club Sponsor: 

    Mrs. Greenstreet

    Club Contact

    Mr. Bartlett