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    Welcome to Outdoors Club


    This club has existed since the fall of 2015.


    Students have to be academically eligible to participate in extracurricular activities. 

    *** Outdoors Club during remote learning at this time will be virtual, unfortunately no in-person meetings or events.    Enjoy outdoor activities from home or with your family.  You can watch Youtube outdoor videos.  Updated as of Tuesday, September 15th.***
    From club administrator
    *Field trips will not be allowed at this time. 
    *Clubs/activities can meet when we get back to school.  If in-person learning is going on, then the meetings can be after school hours and in person (All safety protocols -social distancing, masks, frequent hand sanitization, etc.- will apply.  No more than 50 persons in a space.
    *If we go to 100% remote learning at any time, all meetings will need to be held remotely.


    ***Paper copies of club membership form, parent permission slips and meeting notes available outside room 904 at Smiley Campus. ***
    paper application outside room 904

    For school transportation to field trips and back, they almost all, meet at Smiley main campus front doors unless noted.  Please be prompt, always rsvp, limited seating and if you cannot make the field trip let the sponsor know as soon as possible!  There could be a waiting list and failure to notify of absence, will forfeit your rsvp of school transportation for the next 2 consecutive field trips.   


     Mission Statement:

    The OTHS Outdoors Club promotes interest in the outdoors by providing opportunities to participate in various outdoor activities and to teach our participants to become stewards of the environment.  These goals shall be achieved through club meetings, outdoor activities and other educational events and service learning projects.


    Horseback Riding, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Canoeing, Hiking, Geocaching, Indoor Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding & Service Learning Projects. 

    ***Please note - Some of these activities will require a second parent permission form, from the place of business!  It'll need to be downloaded from their website or a paper copy may be available outside room 904, at Smiley main campus.***


    Possible future activities 

    Go Karts, Inline Skating, Cycling, Roller Skating, Remote Control -Cars -Trucks -Drone Racing, Sking, Trampolining, Kendamas, Slackline, Sledding and Zip Lining.




      Co-President:  Teaghan M.

      Co-President:  Amelia D.

      Vice President:  Kelsi P.

      Secretary:  Andrew O.

    Club Sponsor: 

    Mr. Bartlett




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