• Attendance Office

    Panther Paw


    *** NOTE - New extensions are reflected on the website.  You do not need to add an addtional "5" in front of the new extensions when calling.***

    Freshmen Contact: Kris Keller  
      Ext. 5204 - kellerk@oths.us

    Sophomores Contact:  Barbara Quintal
      Ext. 5212- quintalb@oths.us

    Juniors Contact:  Mercedes Ziegler
      Ext. 5620 - zieglerm@oths.us

    Seniors Contact:  Kelly Morrell
      Ext. 5206 - morrellk@oths.us


    ~ The person calling and your relationship to the student.

    ~ The student's name and grade.

    ~ Why the student is absent and how long he/she will be out.

    NOTE:  If the student has been or will be absent for two or more days, and you are requesting homework, please call the Attendance Office by 10:00 a.m. 

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