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    Students: The Academic Assistance Center is here to support you in any way we can!

    We encourage you to contact your teachers to receive help during afternoon Office Hours as they are the experts in their fields and the concepts covered in their classes. They also are most familiar with the expectations you will need to meet to succeed in your classes and achieve sufficient growth in your learning!

    After you have reached out to your teachers but find that you still would benefit from additional assistance, please click on the appropriate link below to join an Office Hours session for assistance! Support is provided virtually during remote learning.

    **UPDATE AS OF 11/23/2020: AS WE TRANSITION BACK TO REMOTE LEARNING, AAC ASSISTANCE WILL AGAIN BE OFFERED VIRTUALLY. Please see the information specific to each campus below to join the appropriate sessions--we can help you with identifying missing work, organization and planning, and staying on task to finish the semester strong! For more content-specific assistance, please reach out to your classroom teachers during afternoon Office Hours!**

    **UPDATE AS OF 2/8/2021: IN-PERSON SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE! See below for details on both our virtual and in-person AAC options!

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    AAC during Advisory Hours:

    • 4th Hour 9:30-10:05am
    • 5th Hour 10:10-10:45am

    Virtual AAC during Afternoon Office Hours:

    • 1:00-2:30pm

    Please send a message to the Milburn AAC email address below, and we'll provide you with access to the session!

    In-Person AAC during Afternoon Office Hours:


    Instructors: Mrs. Megan McNichols, Mrs. Kim Jackman, and Mr. Joe Shannon  

    Contact: AACmilburn@oths.us 



    AAC during Advisory Hours:

    • 3rd Hour 9:20-9:55am
    • 4th Hour 10:00-10:35am
    • 5th Hour 10:40-11:15am

    By District Student Support Team Recommendation Only During This Time 

    Virtual AAC during Afternoon Office Hours:

    • 1:30-3:00pm

    Please send a message to the Smiley AAC email address below, and we'll provide you with access to the session!

    In-Person AAC during Afternoon Office Hours:


    Instructors: Ms. Beth Schroeder & Mrs. Briana Bostick 

    Contact: AACsmiley@oths.us 



    Need help organizing your work and/or monitoring your progress in all of your classes during these Remote Learning Days? Click here:
    Need assistance with studying or mastering concepts outside of class time or AAC/teachers' office hours? Click here: 
    Need a few helpful, effective technology shortcuts and tips to make learning both remotely and in person a little easier? Click here:
    Struggling mentally/emotionally? Click here:
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