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Eligibility Requirements


In compliance with the School Reform Act of 1997, participation in extra-curricular activities is dependent upon course selection and successful progress in those courses. In order for a student to be eligible to participate in any OTHS school sponsored athletic or extra-curricular activity, a student must be passing five (5) classes per week (regular full credit classes). If a student takes extra classes, he/she still needs to pass only five (5) classes (PE does count). Any student-participant failing to meet these academic criteria will be academically ineligible on a weekly basis until the specified academic criteria are met. If a student fails to pass five (5) full credit classes for the semester, he/she will be ineligible for the entire succeeding semester. In other words, a student must earn 2.5 credits to be eligible for the following semester.


The complete set of IHSA By-laws and Policies is available at


All students participating in athletics must have a current physical on file.