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First meeting of CMX meeting for fall of 2017

First Culture Mix Club Meeting

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Immediately after school

In room 902, Smiley Main Campus

Snacks and drinks available

Freshmen can take the activity bus from Milburn to Smiley.

Please have $10.oo club fee, membership appplication and parent permission slip sheet signed to turn in.

OTHS - Culture Mix Club is both a social club AND a club that is interested in social issues that affect us all.  Our goal as a club is to come together and celebrate the diversity of the school, of the community, and beyond.  As such we will examine different cultures exploring our commonalities while embracing the differences that make each group unique.  The club is open to all students—of all cultures.

Membership fee of $10.oo to cover various expenses throughout the year. The Culture Mix Club will meet the first Wednesday of every month immediately after school, in room 902, Smiley main campus.  Snacks and drinks provided.  We will also be planning one activity/field trip a month outside of meeting hours. 

First meeting will be Wednesday, September 6th.

Freshmen can take the activity bus from Milburn to Smiley Campus.