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Spring 2020 Item Pick up and Return - End of Year Info



DATES - to pick up personal items and to drop off OTHS items:


·         Tuesday, 5/26 – 12:00-7:00 – last names A-I

·         Wednesday, 5/27 – 12:00-7:00 – last names J-R

·         Thursday, 5/28 – 12:00-7:00 – last names S-Z


·         Tuesday, 5/26 – 12:00-7:00 – last names A-L

·         Wednesday, 5/27 – 12:00-7:00 – last names M-Z


ENTRY - into the School Buildings:

·         No restroom or drinking fountain access will be available upon entry into the buildings.

·         Masks are required to be worn once students leave their vehicle.

·         Students only will be allowed to enter the campus.   No family members or friends will be allowed access to OTHS at this time.  If a student requires assistance to enter the building, please contact Mrs. Blackburn in advance at to make necessary arrangements.

·         Students will enter Smiley from the bus entrance (the entrance to the Walk-of-Fame hallway from the East).  

·         Students will enter Milburn from main entrance.

·         Stanchions and tape will be used to mark safe social distancing spacing for students to line up outside to enter the buildings, and upon entry into the buildings.  A sign at the designated end of the line will direct anyone after that point to continue to wait in their car until spaces in line become available.

·         The number of students allowed in the building will be limited.  Students should drop off items, retrieve items, then depart the building expeditiously so others may enter.


PROCESS – for returning items and for retrieving personal belongings

·         PERSONAL BELONGINGS – All personal items should be cleaned out of lockers.  Trash bins will be placed throughout the buildings for the disposal of unwanted items or papers.

·         TEXTBOOKS – Textbooks should be placed outside of the door of the classroom where the class was held.  Stick a post-it note or tape a piece of paper with the student’s name on the inside cover of the book prior to its return.  There will be no entrance into classrooms allowed.

·         LOCKER KEYS – Seniors and non-returning students only will return their locker keys to the box outside the main office at the Smiley campus.  Envelopes will be provided on which students should write their name and locker number, then insert the key.  Students returning to OTHS may keep their locker key to use it upon their return next year.

·         LIBRARY BOOKS – Any library books should be returned to the IMC book return located outside of the IMC.  There will be no entrance into to the IMCs allowed.

·         LAPTOPS/ELECTRONICS/ACCESSORIES – All technology that has been checked out should be returned at the Welcome Booths/ID Offices at each campus. 

·         PE LOCKS – Students will remove PE locks from lockers and attach them to a lock card which will be available.  Students must fill out the lock card and provide: Name, Hour, Teacher Name, and Combination where indicated.  Students will place the lock attached to the lock card into a bin designated for their teacher.  Bins will be outside the office in the South Gym at the Smiley Campus, and outside the Main Gym at the Milburn Campus.

·         FEE PAYMENTS – Students are encouraged to take care of fees through the District’s online payment option.  However, should fees need to be paid in-person, the Business Office (across from Guidance on the Smiley Campus) will be open to accept fee payments.  Note: Refunds for spring sports participation fees or driver education fees should be received this week.  Refunds will first be applied against any outstanding fees due.  Any remaining credit balance will be refunded.